Decking the halls… (a weekend round up)…

IMG_20141208_093409 So it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.  Saturday we walked to our local garden centre and collected our Christmas tree.  A change to usual tradition of chopping down our pine.  But walking in the sunshine down our local high street, through the park to collect the tree was magical none the less.  A new tradition perhaps.
We are extremely lucky living in this part of Bristol. In fact living in Bristol is pretty special all round.  Our local high street is full of independent shops, a florist, a natural health shop, a deli, green grocers, craft, a gallery, two theatres, and many many cafes and restaurants.
Just wandering down this short little road we managed to source or Christmas tree, pick up natural decorations for the tree and eat freshly roasted Chestnuts.  It was pretty awesome.
Saturday night, the street came alive once more with our annual lantern parade.  Local schools, community groups and neighbours all marched the route following the samba band and carrying their own handmade paper lanterns.  It was such a fantastic night.  The boys ran among the crowds laughing with their friends.  The procession ended in a local park with an amazing firework display.
Last night, the Clifton Suspension Bridge celebrated it’s birthday – 150 years old.  With a huge fireworks display.  You can watch it here.
Thank you Bristol, you are pretty amazing.




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