New Years Eve gathering – staying in with Anthropologie…

New Years Eve Gathering.  Staying in with Anthropologie. Littlegreenshed blog via Pinterest.
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That annual dilemma – to stay in on New Years Eve or to go out and party?  Bristol was recently voted the best place to party on NYE outside of London, and knowing how brilliant this City is, I can quite believe it.  But since having my sons, those party days are behind me.  I’m not sorry, I’ve done my fair share of carving up the dance floor til dawn, and to be honest I much prefer a night in with great company and good food instead.
This New Years Eve we are having a gathering of family and friends.  Kids running wild through the bedrooms, making their own crazy party whilst the adults can sit eat, share a cocktail or two and see in the New Year.
So what makes a good night in special?  The little touches. A hint of sparkle, gold, and fizz.  Where do I head for all this and more, Anthropologie of course!  Just the right amount of special and style, perfect for a New Years Party.
Here is my little guide to making the perfect table for a special New Years Eve night in…
New Years Eve Gathering.  Staying in with Anthropologie giveaway. Littlegreenshed blog.
Starting with the table….
I love to lay the table with simple white crockery and perfect glassware.  Using natural elements to decorate such as feathers, greenery and flowers.  And of course there needs to be sparkle and gold, sparklers, gold garlands and many cocktails.
What to drink?
I love this recipe and has always been a huge hit.
Sage & Ginger Prosecco Cocktail
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 bunches of fresh sage leaves chopped or one bundle dried sage (about 1 cup or 1/2 a cup respectively)
2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
Bottle of Prosecco or Champagne
1. In a saucepan bring water and sugar to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Once the simple syrup, which is what you now have, reaches a boil remove it from the heat and stir in the sage and ginger. Cover and let the syrup steep until it’s completely cooled to room temperature, 2-3 hours. Refrigerate after making.
2. To make cocktails, simply pour an ounce or two of syrup into a champagne flute depending on how sweet you like it and top with prosecco! Garnish with sage.
(recipe by Beth Kirby / Local Milk)
What to wear?
Just because I am staying, this doesn’t mean dressing down, oh no.  I love to wear something simple, classic but with a touch of sparkle.  I am thinking this timeless black dress, teamed with these amazing earrings.
So tell me, what are you doing?  Staying in our going out this New Years Eve?

Pop over to Anthropologie Blog to vote – to go out or to stay in?
Anthropologie are offering one Littlegreenshed reader a chance to win a £50 gift voucher to spend on their perfect NYE.
Some sparkly earrings? Cosy slippers?  It’s up to you!  All you need to do is leave a comment telling me how will you spend your New Years Eve…
Good luck!  Giveaway ends on WEDS 17th December.


  • Oh your new year’s sounds wonderful and styled a la anthropologie to boot – heaven! This year, as our daughter will be 3 and our son just over a month old, I think it’s likely to be something sweet and simple like sparklers in the garden maybe with some of our neighbours kids, then a bottle of champagne and crab linguine (our staple christmas eve and new years eve dish) for us, hopefully with a lovely movie if we can stay awake long enough! My daughter and I will definitely wear something glittery or sparkly – she has some lovely gold sparkle shoes from M&S and I usually where a gold metallic jumper from Whistles. I’ve just learnt the best blinis recipe from Mimi Thorisson’s amazing blog (recipe here ) and given my daughter loves smoked salmon and all thing pancakes, maybe we’ll make those together too. It would be lovely to celebrate NYE with friends and their kids in years to come like you are doing. Phillipa

  • I am spending New Years Eve with my mom and seven other ladies who are in their 80’s and 90’s. They are a hoot and are showing me how to live life fully, even at that age. We are going out to dinner.

  • Choosing to stay in to celebrate my first New Year as a singleton. Dressing up, dancing to Jools Holland, drinking something sparkly and journalling my hopes and dreams for 2015.

  • With best friends, good food and some of your ginger prosecco…. perfect! And some star gazing from the outdoor hot tub in the bungalow they’ve just bought. When you wish upon a star….. :-)

  • My adult son lives with me as my main carer, and we always spend NYE together. Some yummy nibbles and drinks, a Disney film, and BBC1 at midnight for the ‘bongs’ and the fireworks. Perfect!

  • I am working then I will be home before midnight to see the New Year in with my family and a glass of wine.

  • I don’t have any plans – because this year we are leaving the children to their grandparents… !

  • We will hosting a Gin Tasting evening for some friends and our youngest teen will be having a few of his best friends over for a sleepover because the next day is his 16th!! We will be having a selection of cocktails using new trendy botanical gins! All outside on the patio which I intend to cover in fir branches (like Narnia!) everyone had to buy a fake fur coat fom a charity shop to wear outside and then in the morning we are all going to get up “early” and have our annual sea swim on 1st January!!!! Help me!!

    Much Love
    Beach Hut Cook

  • Since being a single mum to two little boys, New Year has been and gone the last few years. BUT this year, we are having a sleepover with my best friend and her boys. Good friends, delicious food and drink and some games to welcome the new year. Really looking forward to it. Got big dreams for 2015 !

  • I like a quiet night in at New Year – a movie marathon and then watching the fireworks on the telly :)

  • We have a small party with family and friends, my sister who is an amazing cook makes a superb buffet and we have a relaxed night, welcoming in the New Year with Jools Holland.

  • Finger crossed this might actually work. I’m planning to surprise hubby with a romantic trip to Paris! x

  • games and food with pals while our new baby sleeps soundly (fingers crossed!) x

  • I’ll be spending new year’s eve at home with my lovely husband and our cats – nice and intimate, with delicious food and a few good DVDs. Have a wonderful new year’s eve and a fabulous 2015!

  • I will be staying in with my hubbie and two boys we will have a movie night and treats and a few drinkie poos for mum and dad hopefully some champagne and chocs. Hope everyone has a awesome christmas and new years xxxx

  • My husband’s best friend is getting married on New Year’s Eve, so we’ll be staying in a cottage full of friends in rural Dorset, getting dolled up and drinking champagne. Fingers crossed for picturesque but unobstructive amounts of snow!

  • I will be spending my new years eve by the side of a fire, surrounded by a group of treasured old friends and a few new people i’m looking forward to getting to know. Hopefully there’ll be some singing and some hot cider and chai. We’ll be out by the fire if its a clear starry night, or tucked into a yurt if its wild and rainy. Wishing you a happy sparkly new years eve!

  • This NYE will almost certainly involve drinking some of your ginger and sage bubbly! Otherwise, we haven’t quite decided yet … two teenagers (one of whom is driving but not drinking age yet, here in Canada) means that we probably will stick around the house! I’m sure it’ll be lovely though! Thanks for the ideas and the chance to win!

  • Oh my god I love Anthropologie!!

    Ok, New Year is always such a let down when you plan a big night out. The drinks are crazy expensive and it’s so busy and horrible. So I always spend NYE with my family. We have a tradition now since Albie was born. NYE 2012 he was only 13 days old and I was climbing the walls so since we were with family for the occassion, me and the Mr sneaked off to the cinema. We did the same last year so I’m hoping to do the same this year. For the evening we will eat buffet food and carry on with the Christmas chocolates and drinks. When big ben chimes we will ooh and aaah at the fireworks singing Auld Lang Syne xx

  • A rural French gourmet feast with friends, roaring log fires, champagne and of course lots of singing and music too :-)

  • We have created a tradition for New Year’s Eve with 2 other families who all have children the same age as us (this will be our 4th year). We all meet in one of our houses to play games, chat and generally have a great time. We get a takeaway and before the end of the night we all sit down (kids too) and look back over the year to see whether we managed to achieve those things that we wanted to and share what we would like to achieve in the year to come. We share a glass of bubbly at midnight and the kids have sparklers in the garden. Usually we would then get a taxi home around 1.30am, but for the first time this year all we have to do is stagger a few steps back home as we moved next door to our friends in January! :-)

  • Ah love this post…and that recipe has to be sampled!
    I’m really hoping for a repeat of our celebrations last NYE. Stove lit and drinks flowing in our own cosy home we had friends round with fiddle and guitars and mandolin. Singing and MUCH dancing ensued and our little girl woke up at about 11.30pm and joined in all bright eyed. Wonderful to see in a brand new year twirling around together and talking of hopes for bright and happy days ahead! xx

  • Currently I’m working until 3pm on the 31st (as a nanny, so actually I am lucky to say I love my job!). My boyfriend thought I said I was going to France to see my family but I’m not, but in the meantime he booked tickets to Amsterdam with a friend! I can’t go with them, so at the moment I have … no plans. We’re moving to a new house on the 20th, so maybe I’ll try to strike up a friendship with a neighbour. Or maybe I’ll babysit and charge a little extra! Or perhaps I’ll make lots of lists and personal challenges and bucket lists. Either way- I’m gonna wear my fanciest dress, and drink champagne probably.

  • I saw the list of events happening this new years in Bristol and was seriously tempted, but again the lure of staying in is winning I think (despite the fact we probably couldn’t get a baby sitter anyway!) But this year will involve a friend or two, and family, hopefully a diy cocktail bar, some board games and perhaps even some merry dancing along to Jools Holland?! Oh and I will wear ALL the glitter.

  • Lovely post!
    I love low key NYE evenings with friends, good food, children running round, games & conversation… with a few sparkles. Hopefully we can make this happen this year. xxx

  • This year I’m going to Edinburgh. After spending last year on the downs watching the fireworks with a dew friends me and my girlfriend decided to do something special. We have an apartment rented and I can’t wait for the excitement and the hustle and bustle without being confined to one venue!
    Hope you have a lovely time, that cocktail sounds delicious!

  • We usually spend it with my brothers and sisters and their families. Good food, a few drinks and some games. With kids that get up at the crack of dawn staying up much past midnight is foolish!

  • I will be spending the holidays in France this year, Christmas with my Mum and New Years with my inlaws who live in the middle of the French countryside. Let’s just say that even if we wanted to go out and party, we wouldn’t be able to! That suits me fine though, it will be cosy and, except for the dodging of foie gras and goose pieces, I’m very much looking forward to it! Specially the midnight walk across to the lake under the stars!
    Have a lovely lovely holiday and thank you for your beautiful space!

  • Hmm a perfect New Year’s Eve? Well I think it would have to start with the children going to bed happily at a reasonable time and then probably a good bottle of something sparkly and an evening spent catching up with H and probably playing silly board games – I’m definitely old and married aren’t I!!?

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