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Perfect way to wrap. Littlegreenshed blog via Pinterest
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So have you started the mammoth task of wrapping all of the presents yet?  I certainly haven’t.  It is something I look forward to each year, to sit in front of the fire with a glass of something festive and set about wrapping up the delights.
Stocking gifts are always wrapped in jazzy, brightly coloured paper.  The kind that an ‘elf’ would choose.
But for my friends and family I like to indulge my inner perfectionist and make pretty parcels.  I love this image above, that purple paper with dried hydrangea flowers – what a beautiful way to give.
So, how are you wrapping yours?
More inspiration can be found over on my pin board:

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  • I love your boards! This one is super!

    Congrats on epic Pinterest status!! xxx

  • I love to use brown paper too. I have some pretty wooden block prints that I brought back from India, and I’m tempted to print my own paper with gold paint…will have to see how much time I have!

  • Brown paper parcels tied up with red & white striped twine or glossy red curling ribbon and Christmas sticky labels here. Stocking gifts wrapped in children’s paper! :-)

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