Recipe: Cardamom Coffee…

recipe cardamom coffee littlegreenshedI love coffee.  Good proper coffee.  Flat white or americano, depending on which cafe I am in. At home at the weekend we tend to have several cups, we would drink coffee all day if we could!  Both Dan and I are coffee addicts, and have become quite fussy over our cup of joe.

Coffee always reminds me of my travels.  Drinking strong, slightly spiced coffee in Israel, coffee that really was rocket fuel.  Every day I would visit a small local cafe in the market area of Tel Aviv, close to my apartment. I’d order a cup of thick black coffee and sit there eating small squares of treacly halva.  The cafe was a basic as you like, coca cola signs, plastic chairs and old men playing dominos.  But the coffee, oh the coffee was so good.

This winter I’ve been enjoying a different way of drinking coffee, by adding a few crushed cardamom pods to the stove top pot whilst it brews.  The result is a beautifully spiced coffee, reminiscent of the middle east.


Stovetop coffee maker or aeropress

Ground coffee beans (any, your usual coffee will suffice)
1 cardamom pod (cracked) per cup of coffee
(Milk & Sugar if desired)

In your stove top coffee maker or aeropress, brew your coffee as usual, adding a cracked cardamom pod and pinch of salt per cup to the ground coffee before brewing. Add milk and sugar to your liking.  Your coffee should be smooth with a spicy floral scent.

Why not try adding a spice of your liking – ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or star anise , these will taste wonderful too.

  • What a lovely idea, sounds delicious! I make my coffee stove-top every morning, but had never thought to add spices! x

  • What a great way to start the weekend. Saw this first thing in the morning and added cinnamon and cardamom to my coffee. Tomorrow will try clove and nutmeg with a bit of salt. Thank you…thank you. Perfect thing to spike up a cold winter.

  • Lovely. I quite often add cardamom but never thought to add salt, will try it! Love the wax (?) flowers just in shot.

  • Wow, that sounds amazing! Really, really good…. *off to make right now*

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