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White, gold, glass and greenery.  My colours this Christmas.  I don’t usually ‘theme’ my decorations, nor do I generally buy new, but this year I have made the decision of leaving most of our Christmas decorations in the box.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the memories of Christmas past, baubles from far flung places, little salt dough decorations made by pudgy toddler hands, and more.  But this year, I have decided I need clarity, simplicity, light and brightness in the house.  I’m taking inspiration from those Scandi sisters who do mid-winter so well.

Each year I enjoy making a few hand-made paper items.  Last year, my Christmas make was a gold shimmering wall hanging made of circles and thin white wire – it shimmered in the breeze and caught the candle light so beautifully.

This year my inspiration came from a pack of white card star labels which I bought for the Advent crown.  I simply strung them together using acrylic wire, adorned the tree with it.

Our tree came from B&Q – I’ve never thought of buying from a large store before, always cutting down our own or purchasing from the school fair.  But this year I wanted to get a tree that was sustainable, and one that came potted with it’s roots, I like the idea of keeping our little tree each year.

Whilst I was there, I picked up some warm white LED lights, and discovered these white wooden stars.  My tree was coming together.  Back home, Dan placed the pot inside a white plant pot, and we raised the tree (ours is 4ft) up on to my desk, well out of the way of the cats.

Over the coming days I hope to gather greenery and string up garlands to adorn windows and mirrors.  Our front door has been given a lick of grey paint (covering up the yellow) all ready for the wreath.

As much as I love a full on Christmas decorated house, I can’t stand the clutter… so a few simple garlands, candles and the odd favourite thing will surface.  I can’t wait to share you more soon.

How are you decorating this year?  Full on tinsel-tastic grotto or white simplicity?

Thank you to B&Q for gifting us with the tree and decorations.


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  • I love this…I have paired back this year too and love that a big bag has gone off to the charity shop. Feel like this year marks the beginning of a simple Christmas season!

  • I have more decorations going up than normal but we usually only really have a tree in our living room. Yet I am exploring a more minimalistic approach to our tree, love the white stars.

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