Simple Living // Garden furniture…

10Following on from my post about our garden makeover, Dan is currently laying the concrete plinth for the shed to sit on – he is very excited.  I on the other hand cannot get excited about concrete, and would much rather dream about the finished garden and what I will be lounging on in the sunshine.

You may remember back in July when Dan and I visited Barcelona.  The hotel we stayed in, (Hotel Brummel), had a beautiful courtyard dining space.  With tall plants in black pots, charcoal painted walls and brick floor.  The furniture was white, wire framed and seriously cool.  I want these.  But after a bit of research I discovered that each chair is £234 each – outta my league!

We used to have a white bistro set, two chairs and a little fold up table.  But over the past few winters left outside, they had rusted through to a dangerous level.  So off to the tip they went. As my garden is tiny, I can’t have large pieces, no wicker arm chairs with cushions or a large wooden table to seat eight (oh the dream).  Instead I am looking at small chairs that are practical and stylish and have a hint of the Hotel Brummel cool.

Here is what I have found:

six garden mesh chairs

1. Tio Chairs //  2. Tarsia Chair //  3. Ethel Chair //  4.  Emu Ivy Chair   //  5. Hot Mesh Chair //  6. Lucy Chair

All seriously cool, all at an astronomical cost (for me anyway).  So I discovered these.  They are perfect! Chuck a sheepskin on the top, and I’ll be set.  I can’t wait!