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Right now my garden feels anything but a place for relaxation.  Last weekend we pulled down our old concrete shed (RIP Little Green Shed) to make way for something a little more practical and stylish.

I cannot wait for my outside space to become a green oasis, where I can relax with a G&T on a sunny evening.  So, how will we be achieving this?  With a few simple touches, you can achieve it too…

Littlegreenshed blog - garden makeover

A layout for a lie out

The layout of the garden will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of it, so pay attention to how you structure it and where you place your furniture. This could be as simple as making sure you’re seating is ideally located for catching some rays. If you have a small garden, consider creating a circular design, which will help to maximise the room you have and make it appear larger. Surround the outside of the garden with shrubbery and flowers of your choice, and save the centre for your furniture. Avoid any bold, straight lines that could ruin the image of this design.

Larger gardens provide more to work with, so how about separating your garden into sections to keep any areas that might not be so peaceful out of the way. Try using wooden panels or quirky hedge designs to create different zones in your garden.

The sound of trickling water is the perfect touch to achieve tranquillity, so consider adding a water feature to your garden. I am personally hoping to add a little bubble pot, a small pot with water and a pump to keep the water moving.

tin bath herb garden
Sleepy scents

A garden without scent isn’t a garden to me.  How about some gentle relaxing scents? Lavender is a good choice here, as it lasts all year round, so will keep your garden calming with no time restrictions. Growing herbs in your garden is another option to achieve a relaxing scent.

Tip: Try your hand at growing some mint, for a fresh scent, or camomile, which means calming cups of tea too!

Put up your feet up

Once you’ve got your garden design just the way you want it, you might want to think about taking a break, so it’s important to have the best garden furniture for an afternoon nap surrounded by nature. Opt for relaxed tones in your furniture that won’t break from the serene atmosphere you’ve achieved so far.

Tip:  Try using wire furniture such as those above.  Stylish and practical.

Rustic exterior, twinkly lights, festoons

For the nocturnal too

It’s important to ensure that your garden isn’t a ‘day time only’ zone, so add some twinkly, outdoor fairy lights, or some simple lanterns, to extend your precious garden relaxation time. Tea lights are also a cheap alternative to light your Zen zone, just remember to blow them out if you’re eyes are getting heavy. Complete your area of green peace with a perhaps a fire pit if you have the space to ensure you’re warm all night.

Tip: Look at the size of your space, add festoon lighting if you have an urban courtyard or a large fire pit with seating if you have a bigger garden.

I hope there are a few tips to help you achieve a green relaxing oasis.  I can’t wait for mine to be completed.


Images are via my ‘yard makeover’ pin board.

  • What a great idea!
    Utilising your garden as a relaxing zone, surrounded by floral, peaceful décor to escape from the rest of the world sounds right up my street!

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