Simple gardening // urban jungle in Antwerp…


I’ve been recently looking for inspiration for my yard makeover with B&Q, I came across this incredible space.  A true urban oasis right in the middle of Antwerp.  I actually sighed when I saw it, so green, so individual and so so cool.


Living in Bristol, I am surrounded by houses, streets of terraced Victorian buildings, lined up row after row.  Most of which have limited outside space, and those that do are just a bare concrete yard, with little plant life or nature.

I want to change this in my own little plot.  I would love to have an urban jungle, with plants spilling over the pots and climbers reaching to the sun.


My dream oasis would look like this. With every inch of space utilised, with hanging plants from the rafters and shelves with potted cacti against the wall.

urban jungle 1

I really love the use of the turquoise colour on the doors, it brightens up the undercover dining area.  And the wooden table and chairs, I wonder if they leave them out there all year round?

urban jungle 23N1A6836

The garden is not the only stunning ‘room’ in the house, I adore their dark and moody lounge and the tiled entrance way and raw wooden staircase.  We have a similar stairs, here in my house, but nothing as grand as these proportions.

urban jungle 3

I’d love to live here.  I shall be taking inspiration in the planting and use of paint colours when we finally get round to the ‘fun’ aspects of the garden makeover.  I can’t wait!

Post originally on the Ikea website.  Photography by Bart Kiggen.