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It is gardening weather! The sap is rising, all I want to do is fill my pots with greenery and blooms, but sadly our back yard is more of a building site than a tranquil place to potter and relax.  On beautiful sunny days I find myself wandering outside, wanting to sit in a green oasis, but instead I am confronted with a cement mixer and piles of wood.  – sigh – it will all come together soon, and it WILL be worth it in the end.

The only thing that is sprouting in my garden are my roses, New Dawn and Evelyn, both a blush pink. Poor loves, the garden is anything but perfect for them to bloom in.  They deserve better! That being said I have been planning how the garden will look eventually.  A mix of terracotta pots with old reclaimed galvanized tubs, filled to the brim with white tulips, pink dahlias and herbs, lots of herbs. I shall be gardening SOON! I hope.

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Looking through Pinterest I have noticed there is a growing (excuse the pun) trend for making ‘outside rooms’, or in other words using the garden as an extension to your living space during the summer months. Garden furniture has evolved.  Gone are the white plastic garden chairs, making way for stylishly cool low slung seating that look great in both the garden or conservatory.

My space, as we know, is tiny.  So the furniture that I purchase for the garden needs to work doubly hard.  A space to relax, to entertain, to eat, to perhaps work.  And if this furniture can then be incorporated in the home during the winter months, then this resolves the need for extra storage.  Yes I know, we are building a MASSIVE shed, but Dan has reserved the majority of this space for his workshop.  And there is NO negotiation there.  He gets the shed, I get a pretty garden – we win all round, honest.

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So, what would I choose, if money was no object?  Well, I particularly love these rattan garden chairs from Habitat. They would be a stylish accompaniment to my urban garden, and during the winter months I can use them in both the dining room & lounge.  Love a bit of rattan, oh so very 1970’s chic.  Combine these with a fringed parasol, a margherita cocktail and some potted cactus – and suddenly I am in Southern California.

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I suppose a garden is a place to dream. A place to be transported away from the mundane reality of life.  Dishes and laundry can wait.  When there is soil to be worked, roses to be clipped and stylish garden loungers to err lounge on!  The garden should be a true sanctuary, and a place of ultimate enjoyment and fantasy.

Pink flamingoes? Mountain waterfall?  Fire pit?  Pizza oven?  Yes, you can have it all – I am letting you!  Do what you wish and forget the rules. This is your oasis, let your imagination run wild. The only boundaries are your neighbours fence, let them peer over in admiration at your mad gardening skills.  Or invite them over for a bbq / play on your trampoline / dip their toes in your stream.  It’s nice to share.

Oh come on Summer – I am fully ready for you (in my head). The garden? Well, that is another matter.  I’d best crack on with it.

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with Habitat.  All words & thoughts are my own. Images are via my Yard Makeover Pinterest board.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

  • Following your garden update with interest. We are in a mid terrace in Bath with a small back yard and 2 young children. Am always trying to think of the best way to use and furnish it… Will see what you come up with!

  • Hi Lou, great post! I love looking through Pinterest at all the clever outdoor spaces while on my lunch break watching the rain in Surrey (sigh). I’ve only got a small garden but I try to make use of it. I’ve just ordered some free ‘Wildflower bee seeds’, can’t wait to plant them! Excited for your next post :)


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