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Minor Goods Ceramics

I have a bit of a thing for beautiful ceramics, especially those that have a interesting patina or have been hand made.  I recently discovered the lifestyle store Minor Goods, an online homewares brand which believes in ‘less is more’. Looking through their online ‘shelves’ I discovered a carefully curated selection of considered homewares from said ceramics to hand made utility aprons and wooden kitchen utensils.

Minor Goods make and curate timeless lifestyle accessories that are beautiful with an understated design aesthetic.  They make goods and do good by working with artisans, small and traditional suppliers to showcase craftsmanship, the creators and niche companies.

Denim Apron & Bag Minor Goods low res

I treated myself to the denim apron, designed by Minor Goods themselves and made by artisans in Portugal.  You can read all about the process here. The apron is soft pliable indigo denim with beautiful leather straps. One look at it and Dan took it as his to be used in his workshop, I am a little miffed to be honest, but it does look fab on him – quite the carpenters apron.

I use the lemon juicer daily, using lemon juice in most of my cooking, from salad dressing to ‘pimping’ up a lentil soup. To be honest I found the style of it a revelation, the pips separating from the juice! No more picking out lemon pips from the soup!

Minor Goods is not only beautiful it is functional too.  There is nothing minor about that.  Head over to their website to feast your eyes.  I am lusting after this watermelon clutch now – it is my birthday soon – hint hint!


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