Simple Living // On my kitchen shelf…

Lou Archell's kitchen

The shelf in the kitchen is both functional and beautiful. Everything there is used daily, except for the cake stand which still waits for the day when I become better at baking. That day is never going to happen as I am utterly rubbish! But I digress.

Our kitchen is white, with white metro tiles and wooden butchers block counter top. I like the simplicity of it, the white doors, white walls and white shelf.  The shelf and peg rail Dan cleverly made from off cuts of wood. It’s perfect, to me.  Did I mention how clever he is!

So, back to that shelf.  The items displayed I have collected over the years from my travels, far flung places or found in the local car boot. I regularly make a cull, ridding anything I haven’t used for a couple months. I have this new way of looking at things, especially kitchenware. If I’m not using it, then what is the point of it?  It can’t be just for aesthetics, it has to be of practical use.

So here is what is currently on the shelf:

  • White cafe latte bowls – these are a good size, perfect for bowl of noodles or perhaps yogurt and fruit for breakfast.
  • Recycled glasses – these I stowed away in my carry on bag, back from Marrakesh last week.  Hand made ever so wabi sabi in style, perfect for everyday use.
  • White bowls with silver metal trim – again from Marrakesh, these are a set of three, and are great for homemade hummus & crudites which my kids adore.
  • Large flat basket – again from ‘Kesh. Good for serving flat breads for said hummus, or taking out foraging.
  • Ceramics by Andrea Roman – small speckled jug and sugar bowl. I adore having these on my breakfast table.
  • Wooden spoon by Luke Hope – to be used with the sugar bowl – only!
  • Vase from Midgely Green – I’ve added my spoon collection here.

On the peg rail

  • Mugs from various sources. I’ve come to realise I am quite fussy when it comes to mugs. From left: Decorators Notes, a potter in North Devon, charity shop, Baileys Home and Garden, charity shop, charity shop, Etsy.

Out of sight, on the rest of the shelf:

  • Large glass jug – for water, lemonade etc
  • White pasta bowls – I eat everything on these
  • Vintage platters – serving plates for vegetables (good for roast dinners!)
  • White cake stand – waiting for me to become Nigella
  • Grey pasta bowls – these are ancient from Habitat about twelve years ago, still going strong
  • Cook Books: A modern way to Eat by Anna Jones; The Five o’clock Apron by Claire Thomson; Good and Simple by Hemsley + Hemsley.

Of course in a cupboard below the counter are various bowls and plates from Ikea – but those I don’t need to look at!

So that is it. What do you have on your kitchen shelves? Or are you a cupboard person, finding open shelves a faff?  Do leave me a comment and let me know.

Note: This post is in no way endorsed. I just wanted to share!