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Last month our work horse of a washing machine died.  Yep KAPUT. It was a long time coming, the poor thing was rattling on it’s bearings for ages, screaming in pain with each wash.  Dan and I stupidly ignored it’s cries for help, and let it limp on in a state for ages, until it finally died.

Stupid us.  Machine was dead, no we couldn’t repair it, it would cost as much as a new one. Stupid us. You know that saying ‘you’ll miss it when it’s gone’ yeah – little did I realise how wonderful life is with a working washing machine.  Daily loading, filthy jeans, boys school uniform and delicates, without a thought.  Until now. Now, we are lumbered with huge bags, taking each wash to the launderette.  God it was hard work.  Hat’s off to those women in the past who didn’t have mod-cons and washed everything by hand.

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In our search for a new washing machine, we had several requirements.  It had to be big enough to wash duvet covers, rugs (cotton ones) and a mass of jeans, school uniforms and sports kits (obviously not all at the same time!). It also had to be quiet, our kitchen/dining room/office is all open plan, and on laundry days I don’t want to be working away listening to a high speed spin (not again!).  And finally, most importantly, it had to be Eco friendly and energy efficient, preferring something that was A+++ rating.

For years we have been conscious about the environment.  Dan did a degree in Environmental Management, and I, well I am a hippy at heart. There aren’t many women out there who used cloth nappies for both kids and washed them in a bucket with soap nuts – kinder on the environment and the baby too!

So the washing machine we chose was a Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD, it has a huge drum taking up to 10kg in weight, and is high up on it’s list of eco credentials. The Hotpoint Ultima has it all:

  • Premium in energy efficiency, surpassing the a+++ rating
  • Capable of removing more than 100 stains at just 20ºC, and 40 stains in just 45 minutes
  • Features Direct Injection technology, which pre-mixes water and detergent in a separate compartment before entering the drum, creating a cleaning foam that is “injected” into the wash
  • Features a Steam Hygiene cycle for an extra period of steam at the end of a wash for deeper, more intensive cleans
  • Certified Woolmark Platinum Care for woollens

All this! Seems too good to be true, right?

We have had our new Hotpoint now for a month, and it has thoroughly gone through it’s paces. The machine has a 14 settings to choose from, from the classic ‘cotton wash at 40degrees’ to duvet cycle and bed and bath 7 days (which is my favourite!).

So this brings me nicely to our washing routine.  Gone are the days of chucking it all in the machine (to be honest, I think this was the main reason we killed our last one).  Now I carefully sift through our piles of laundry and place them into types. I am sure this isn’t rocket science, and those of you who are more ‘house keeping’ inclined or just not a dumb ass like me are probably doing it already!  Hey ho! So here is our new routine:

Friday.  (Tidy Friday)

Every Friday I blitz the house.  EVERY FRIDAY. I can’t slip, it can’t wait. Otherwise I know deep down that I won’t do it, and one day will slip into a week and on and on.  Yes I am tardy and lazy – but also busy and carefree, so what!

So, our new routine on a Friday means that all bedding is stripped and washed.  Now with the new Hotpoint Ultima S-Line – we can easily fit all the bedding in to two loads. WIN!

When the boys come home from school on a Friday evening, I get them to strip their own beds (yes I am teaching them that housework is for everyone, not just women or their mums!).  They bring down their covers and load them into the machine.  The easy digital screen means they can select the cycle needed and off it goes.

Next, (this bit is collaborative otherwise it will never get done) we tidy their bedrooms, putting away all the toys, wiping over the shelves, and vacuuming the floors and rugs. DONE. They are happy, it’s done in half an hour and they are free to play for the rest of the weekend.

Me?  I still do the bathroom (sometimes Dan does it) – and we all take turns in vacuuming the house.

TIDY FRIDAY has changed how we live at home. Our house seems manageable and I don’t feel the pressure of being sole cleaner (which I hate doing, who likes cleaning?).

Thanks to Hotpoint, our cleaning day has become a whole ‘heap’ easier!

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with Hotpoint, who sent us a washing machine for the purpose of this review.  All words and thoughts are my own.  Images are via Unsplash. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.