Simple living // a little birthday wish list…

birthday wish list

It’s my birthday and I can write a wish list if I want to!

So that song goes, right?

Ah well, perhaps not, but yay it really is my birthday!  I’m currently at home, with the most terrible cold (it isn’t really, it just seems bad because of it’s timing!).  I am feeling full of woe and self pity.  Yes, self pity – which will probably equate to some self gifting before the day is out.

So what would I want for my birthday – well if you are asking, these lovely things please! Oh gosh I’m in love with Toast jacket, I’ve been after an indigo jacket for months, and there it is, perfecto!  And the Block Shop Textiles scarf, I would use as a wall hanging please.  The rose, it’s Shropshire Lad by David Austen Roses, I’d like it to climb up around my front door.  Oh and the brass coffee dripper thing – any hipster kitchen needs one of those.  Leather sunglasses case and purse! For the win!


  1. Scarf
  2. Jacket
  3. Purse
  4. Rose
  5. Coffee dripper
  6. Sunglasses case – unable to find source

So what are my plans for today?  My two boys are home from school, their teachers are on strike! GAH! So we are off to the Lido for lunch. Dan is working so I think we are out for supper somewhere. There – no trips to Paris, no over night in a luxury boutique hotel. Just child care and food. Simples.

If anyone does want to send me to Paris for my birthday then please do! I’d love to wake up to the view of the Eiffel Tower please, anyone?