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unsplash sofa image The Lounge CO OK confession time.  I have NEVER bought a sofa.  Nope! Not one.  Say what? Do we sit on the floor? No. Over the years sofa’s have come and gone from our home.  Chintz patterned hand-me-downs from my parents, which I tried to cover with a throw.  A freecycled freebie (our current sofa) , which Dan squeezed into our car, and then squeezed it into our tiny lounge room.

That’s it!  Two sofa’s, both free – both make do.  The first, was given away by the way of a facebook free group.  Taken by a young girl setting up home – a worthy cause I feel.  The latter, we still have.  It’s old, slouchy and drives me nuts at how saggy it looks after five minutes of lounging.

It’s time for a change.  Time to get grown up about it.  No longer am I a student or a carefree traveller.  No – it’s time our sofa mirrored who we are now, rather than who we were.

Littlegreenshed sofa update with the Lounge co

Our boys are now at an age where they can be ‘persuaded’ to not make a mess in the lounge.  Gone are the grubby toddler hands, and spilt apple juice (although these have been replaced by dirty trainers and crisp crumbs).  And as we now have ‘grown’ as a family, I am thinking of something a little more grown up.  I have my eye on velvet, but I have heard it’s hard to maintain. So a good hard wearing linen or wool blend will do for us.

After searching the web, I came across The Lounge Co. – British designed and manufactured sofa’s with beautiful design led styles.  With 24 pieces in their latest range, I found there was a lot to choose from.  With designs, styles and quality that compares to many online Sofa companies, but without that hefty price tag.  For example at 2 seater starts at £799!

The website is cleverly interactive.  Firstly choose the sofa style you like.  I thought I would have gone for a ‘country cottage’ look like the ROSE, but found myself drawn to the mid-century clean lines of the HOLLY.


Then, choose your fabric.  Wool, linen blend, velvet, leather in a variety of colours.  Need cushions?  Add those too.  Feet?  There are three styles of wood, washed oak, vintage oak or walnut.  And voila – you have tailor made your very own sofa!

I don’t mind choosing a sofa on-line – I seem to do everything that way now, anyway. But if you prefer to sit and try your sofa on for size, then The Lounge Co has 21 UK ‘galleries’ across the country.  These are The Lounge Co installations within independent furniture retailers who often have generations of furniture expertise.  Customers can ‘play’ on interactive mood boards to bring their living room vision to life, all whilst benefiting from fixed online prices, even though you are in store.

So that is it.  A sofa chosen.  A soft peacock blue Holly sofa, with vintage oak legs. I can’t wait!  What would you choose?

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with The Lounge Co.  All words and opinions are my own.  Images are via The Lounge Co look book, top image via Unsplash.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.


  • We bought our green velvet sofa over 12 years ago (when I had a toddler and new born) it has worn beautifully and still continues to be the show stopper of our living room – the heart wants what the heart wants! no regrets with this one

  • This is on my mind, daily. Never heard of Lounge Co, so cheers for the tip. We have a two year old boy, a hairy cat and a ten year old sofa. It really needs replacing / re-upholstering I just can’t figure out when we should do it? I fear I missed our window and we might have to wait years.

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