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At the weekend Dan and I stayed in a beautiful B&B in Penzance, Cornwall.  Simple styling, white washed floorboards, and tonal walls – letting the simple furniture and local artwork shine.  The house was deliberate, considered, and it got me thinking.  This is it, what I strive for, a considered home.

Once a upon a time, my tastes were wholly different, when the kids were little I loved bright colours (like painting my front door bright yellow).  I craved order, wanting a minimal scandi style with colour popping artworks and accessories – not anymore.  I feel my tastes have changed and grown – heck perhaps I have grown up? Who knows?  Not saying that bright colours are childish – but I feel that my home needs to have a sense of calm, a harmonious tone, to help me through the week.


On Saturday, Dan and I had visited the Newlyn art galleries, and contemplated the art work, picking out what we would buy (if we had the cash of course).  Each piece I was drawn to was muted in colour, favouring blacks, charcoal, soft greys and dove white.  My colours. Colours echoed in the wild.

Walking back along the seafront, it came to me… my love of a considered home.  A home that has pieces within it that echoes the owners tastes and travels across the globe.  Pieces from nature simply displayed. Natural textiles, sheepskin, velvet and linen.  Glass, wood, stone, marble.  All tonal, harmonious and on the muted colour spectrum.

Coming home, I am looking at my space with new eyes… carefully taking in each room, and how they ‘flow’ from one space to another.  Getting rid of junk, opting for a paired back feel.  And it feels good.

I have launched a new hashtag on Instagram – purely for me, but I’d love it if you wish to join in – as I will get huge inspiration from your images.  The tag is of course called #aconsideredhome.

For inspiration and what I am trying to achieve please have a look at my pin board….


Top image: via Cassandra Ellis

  • Lovely post, Lou! It’s interesting to hear that your taste has evolved and that you’re moving away from those bright colours… I’m hoping to buy my first home next year, so (naturally) I’m already picking paint colours in my mind and furnishing every imagined corner! But it’s given me a nice opportunity to really, as you say, CONSIDER what I’m going to buy/do. Like you, I do LIKE lots of colours, but in my own space I prefer things to be really pared back and simple. I’m sure lots of people think my taste is boring, but if there’s enough variety in texture and lots of natural materials, I find I absolutely love it! Besides, it’s a bit like fashion, isn’t it? I admire trends on other people, but prefer not to wear them myself.


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