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GIFT GUIDE – stocking fillers

It’s been years (ahem maybe 30 years) since I had a stocking, and I’m thinking why should kids have all the fun. Dan are you reading?  So if I was to have a stocking again, it would be something like this.  Full of gorgeous candles, inspiring books, skin care products and hand made jewellery.  A girl could dream right?

I’ve been trawling the web, looking for beautiful items that could be incorporated in a stocking or as a stand alone gift– I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to worry!


If you follow me on Pinterest – sincere apologies!  I’ve been pinning Christmas gifts like mad! And you have probably seen all of these items already.  But for those of you who don’t follow me (why not!?!) then here are the details.

Top image: (clock wise from left)

House of Plants £16.85 – via Amazon

Nail Polish £15 – Wild Swans Islington

Incense £11 – via The Future Kept

Enamel Candle Holder £12 – via No 56

Do Fly Book £8.99 – via Do Books

Turquoise & gold necklace £95 – via Atelier Purple Jewellery

Bottom Image (clockwise from top left)

Long White Candles £6 – via Freight Home Goods

Rose Lip Polish £15 – via Our Daily Edit

Green Balm £12.50 – via The Future Kept

Headphones £24.99 – via Amazon

A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones £9.99 – via Amazon

Concrete Planter £15 – via The Future Kept

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