Seasonal Rituals | New year, full of promise…

New year hopes and dreams

Before I get in to this post, I want to say this isn’t a post about how this year I’m going transform myself into a fit svelte being, have masses of money, quit biting my nails and travel to all those bucket list places.


But yes… I do want to do/be all those things.  But January isn’t going to make that happen. Oh except for the fact I’ve stopped biting my nails, and I’m having my first manicure tomorrow! WHOOP! Go me.

This post is about a celebration of who I am, and how life is remarkable and wonderful. How with hard work, self-belief (this is a biggie), family support and true grit – I have turned this blog into my living and I am so god damn proud of that.

2017 was bloody awesome.  I fulfilled so many personal work goals, created some fabulous work that I so very proud of. Travelled to Sweden, Spain, France and Costa Rica through this blog.  Yes I’m going to say that again – this blog has given me the opportunity to make money and travel to amazing countries with amazing clients.  Living the dream.

Now before this sounds like a 2017 memory lane list of bragging moments, you have to understand who I am and where this blog came from.  Littlegreenshed wasn’t built as a ‘for profit’ blog, like so many new blogs are nowadays.  This blog was started back in 2010 as a journal about our family life and being self sufficient on our allotment (hence the name of the blog).

It took me 4 solid years of creating content, honing my photography skills, finding my online voice to get it to a place where brands took notice of me.  I developed and nurtured a following of real people who were/are interested in Lou in Bristol and what she gets up to in her day to day.

Through those years I’ve battled with my self esteem, I still do. I’ve battled with crippling depression, days when I can’t see anyone, or can’t leave the bed.  I still have grey days and I get through them.  This blog has helped with that, focusing on things I love, feeling grateful what I have, and seeing the world through a camera has taught me to appreciate life and the small things.

So with all of these things – working hard, staying true to my beliefs, listening to family and friends who pick me up when I’ve fallen down, honing my skills, learning, practising and then – emerging 2017 to having the best year of my blogging / influencing career.  Seven years after starting this blog.


It’s a long time isn’t it?  I suspect other people do it much quicker than me, but that’s their journey and this mine.

2017 was a pivotal year.  A year when I made more money that I ever have done. More money than Dan and I have ever made combined.  Dan decided to quit his job, and work for Littlegreenshed full time.  Having him beside me is the best idea ever.  Another person to take the pressure of work away, to talk to every day! (working alone is very lonely).  AND best of all we can have the best lunch breaks ever!

So how about 2018?  In the next 12 MONTHS!

  • I wanna stop biting my nails. TICK
  • I want to drink more water.
  • I want to eat more greens.
  • I want to grow LGS – have contributors.
  • I want a studio space – where I can make a mess and leave it.  And for it not to be my dining room!
  • I want to learn more about photography, business development – take a course or two.
  • I want to walk more, move more.

That’s it….

Oh and I know everyone does the word thing.  Last year mine was FLOURISH – which actually I did.  This year I’m thinking CONNECT.  Connect those bloody dots, connect with you, connect with my pals.

How about you?

  • Congratulations on the blog taking off! I’m still working on mine… its in that good, itty-bitty stage. Growing slowly can be a REALLY good thing, I think. ☺️ I love your word for 2018! Mine is “scale” which still feels like an odd word, but it’s the right one, for sure. I’ll be writing about it next week!

  • That’s lovely news – congratulations. Loved seeing your adventures over the last few years while I’ve been reading your blog. My word for this year is PATIENCE. For my family and myself and my blog and my career. I want everything NOW and if there’s a problem I want it fixed. I need to slow down and remember that all things take time!

    • Hi Katie
      Thank you! It’s been a proper journey, hasn’t it? Patience is such a good word. I believe in trust too, as all good things come. I’m a firm believer in the universe providing :) xx

  • Wonderful! I have been following you from the beginning and remember when you were struggling to make it viable. So glad you kept pushing through. Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2018!

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