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This past weekend we were in North Wales for the Good Life Experience (more about that soon), but after the festival we craved a bit of peace and headed into Snowdonia and towards the coast in our Bailey motorhome.

Driving through picturesque mountains we discovered the incredible beach, Fairbourne, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Snowdonia National Park.  We parked up the motorhome, and stepped out onto the pebbly beach.

I adore these colours, the soft green grey of dune grass, pale beige of the sand, grey pebbles, pale grey sea…. this is MY palette. I feel inspired when I’m in this environment, I get excited about the bleak remoteness of it all.  AND especially when there is a flag and a black tin shed too.  A chance for a bit of an impromptu photo shoot.

On the beach we discovered over fifty jellyfish.  Never had we seen so many, all washed up on the pebbles. It made a fun game, seeing home many we could count. Poor things, I hope they survive until the waves come and take them back out again.

I must admit I am looking very ‘post festival’.  With dirty hair all scraped back into a bun. But at least I had some beautiful clothes to wear.  I am in love with my new brown cord jacket from Toast.  It’s perfect as a transitional piece, throw it over a tshirt or here I’m wearing it over the dot ruffle print blouse also from Toast.

I think I need to move to the coast.  It makes me feel so alive.  One day soon!!!

Lou wears:

Brown cord jacket by Toast – £145 *

Dot printed cotton ruffle collar shirt by Toast – £125 *

Rufus wears:

Grey wolf sweatshirt by Illustrate – £30 *

Into the wilderness beanie by Illustrate – £15 *

Charlie wears:

Wolf howl sweatshirt by Illustrate – £35 *

Dan wears:

Workwear jacket by Native North – £130

Slim jeans by Hiut – £240

* – denotes clothing featured that have been gifted. By Toast as part of my ongoing collaboration. And by Illustrate Bristol.


  • Oh my heart gave a little flutter when I saw these photos as Fairbourne holds a very special place in my heart. I have been going on holiday there for many years, starting before I met my partner and had children. I just love that bit of the world

  • This brings back childhood summer holidays – we used to stay further along the coast at Shell Island and visited Barmouth all the time. The weather looks about right, as do the jelly fish. Fish and chips on the sea front, walks over to Fairbourne, I’ve even rock climbed above the town. We must have come to this area for at least ten years, and as it’s only 90 minutes from where I grew up, we’ve also done the odd day trip too

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